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WHY BLOG and Why only Blogging?


Honestly this question must have bugged you at least once. It has very much troubled me. But finally after reading and reading from internet only, I was able to place my doubts to rest. The answer I got was from one of the website page, which in technical jargon is referred to as BLOG. So by now you also must have also got the answer from my above Experience of reading from internet that “WHY BLOG”.

So Blog is a medium to share the knowledge, experience, the expertise and honest dispassionate opinions etc. Mind you, the emphasis is more on “SHARING” with others.

Next Question that bogged me a lot and surely at one time might to you as well, “What should I share” and “How much should it be” and “When should it be shared”.

This led to introspection and I asked following questions to myself for 1 hr in solitude, which I refer to as SIX SIXERS.

1. What I have been doing for so long or not doing for very long?
2. What really excites me and what I am passionate about?
3. Do I have the writing and presentation skills?
4. Is it worthwhile SHARING with community and also will there be any VALUE addition through my sharing, to what is already there on BLOGOSPHERE?
5. What is the objective of sharing my knowledge or expertise?
6. Can I contribute to the community as whole or will the contribution limited to a target niche only?

I have got my ANWSERS to all the SIX Questions, and if YOU also know the answers for the above you can start sharing with others whatever you feel is worth sharing, based on the above “SIX SIXERS”.

The key take away from the above is THINK IN SOLITUDE, DISCOVER YOUR PASSION, Make it presentable and SHARE IT.

Share your heart out, don’t put a cap on sharing, like Sharing till this much only and rest of the blog will be as a Paid Service. Either go All out or just hold back completely. Don’t create a nuisance value. Timing of blog is not at all important to FLUSH your heart and mind out, whenever you feel the content is outlined in mind, it should be immediately be jotted down and shared. Your blog content should be reflection of your personality, it should speak your mind.

I refer or we all in blogosphere refer BLOGGING as a community building exercise around information or expertise. Now blogging has become an integral part of any social media strategy as well.

Blogging can be initiated at a very less cost or Zero cost so unlike any business it does not necessarily require any upfront investment in terms of money. It requires only passion for the subject and writing skills. If you have those skills you are in blogosphere.

Blogging will give you the reach to the mass audience which no other platform can provide at a minimal cost.

Blogging can give you instant recognition if you stand out from the crowd, you only need to share generously.

GIVE Something Of Value To THE Community And Community Will Surely Oblige.

SO Get up, grab yourcomputer, give comment on this post and Start Blogging.

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