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Relationship – The Marlon Brando Tool for Success


You must be wondering why I have used Marlon Brando in my title, the reason, he is considered to be the greatest movie actor of all time – and I feel building relationship is the greatest evergreen way and is the ONLY way to Success. I am assuming you have landed on this post – Surely you are looking for success and striving for that, exceptions apart.

But Please don’t expect Relationship to build overnight, it takes effort and also takes toll of your time and energy but I know it is worth investing your time and energy and Trust is the building block of any relationship. Only thing that really Matters is CONSISTENCY in maintaining the trust.

Marlon Brando Tool for Success

So let’s have a Q & A session on relationship

Is this the Right Time to Build Relationship?

I have always believed that personal relationships are really important, it’s more important than Career as well, build on those relationship, so issue of right timing never arises. When you feel the urge you can start and in your subconscious mind you have already started that. You have started building relationship the day you started recognizing your parents, further it depends on the way you are conditioned by your parents and by the people around you. I was conditioned in a way that I remained introvert, but really blogging has helped me in kicking out my introvert side.

Are you looking for major crises to happen to start building the relationship, Come on …..START NOW. It’s similar to trusting God equally in Good and Bad times. Relationships built in Good times will surely help you in your worst times as well.

How to Build True and Robust Relationship

Help Other When They Really Need It- and they will surely oblige, they will remember you for very long time and this way you have surely laid the platform for robust relationship, my relationship with Adrienne and Michael Belk are great examples of that. They helped me when it was really required, it has paved the way for trust and now we can always build on this.

Reciprocate well – Some of the people I feel are not good at this, even if you help them they won’t reciprocate, so for those people I would say, either they have not understood You or they feel that they are above everyone and they don’t require any Further assistance ever. They don’t seem to be interested in theory of building relationship or they don’t believe into that. But minimum thank you what is expected from everyone, if that is also not there, I would say don’t waste your time and MOVE ON.

Listen others with open ears – At time we don’t feel like listening to other person with great attention and we miss that important details and he feels that he is being misunderstood, which is the reality and error of judgment on our part which can really overthrow the foundation of trust, so for JESUS sake, listen attentively.

Try to know the Person in detail – This part is really ignored by many of us because of lack of time or the desire, can be because of attitude as well. You need to research the person, there should some reason for building the relationship and lay the foundation of trust.

Law of averages applies here also, after working on building relationship some won’t be  as successful as others will be, so don’t expect too much as one of post depicts that.

In the end I would say We are here to Win many Hearts……So why not start that now

Over to you:

How do you like of idea of building relationship and have I missed anything? you are most welcome to share those in comments.

Thank you for reading this.

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