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Great Lessons from Life of Mahatma Gandhi for Every Blogger


Quick walk-through of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest Political Leader and Guru India has ever Produced. He played a critical role in gaining India’s Independence, the fruits of his unimaginable work, which we are enjoying today. He is honored everywhere as the Father of Nation.

Mahatma Gandhi’s real name was Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on 2nd Oct 1869. He studied in London and was a trained Barrister.

He was discriminated in South Africa and through his efforts, was instrumental in leading entire Indian nation to Independence.

mahatma gandhiMany books has been written about his leadership skills, but few Lessons which we can make use in our everyday life are as follows:

1. Have Big Ideas and Make them Real:

Mahatma was an ORDINARY LOOKING person with short and thin body frame. He was believed to be quite average in studies, also he would found sports too hard. But was a GREAT VISIONARY, he desired Free India. He executed that dream going incrementally, building humongous mass following and the rest is the history.

You may be having an ordinary blog or business, but have BIG dreams about your Blog or website. It is pertinent to have a GREAT PLAN to execute your dreams, plan should be so detailed that You should be able to See Success through it. You need to use hit and trials, mix and match strategies whichever is more suited to your plan.

2. Discover your Passion:

Mahatma believed in delving deep and learning more about himself – the strength, weakness and core set of values.

You should also try to find your REAL PASSION and what really excites you; try to move away from rat race. Once you have found your true passion then give your heart out to that.

3. Build Relationship:

Mahatma has worked his way to become people’s choice, he mostly use to meet everyone, even though at times it was a very short and quick meeting. He use to make people believe that in that meeting he is the only one in the world being HEARD by Mahatma during that time.

This is the point which I always stress upon and this is really all about me. I truly believe in this and this is surely the path to LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. You should give due importance to every other reader and blogger, Make reader special and surely they will oblige, have faith in humanity.

4. Path to Goal to be as sacred as Goal

Mahatma was a man with pure conscience, For achieving Independence, he didn’t resorted to any method which could have brought disrepute to his status and to his conscience. He used non-cooperation, non-violence and peaceful marches as his tools in the struggle for Independence.

In order to meet Your passion or on to your path to glory, you should not do anything that can bring disrepute to you. Even if you are marketing, you should use Permission marketing tactics, don’t enforce anything upon your reader or your fellow blogger.

5. Never say die Attitude and Consistency

Mahatma was a man on mission, he was put behind bars, was several times beaten by Police but he never gave up, he resolved to fight and come back strongly. His Dandi March to protest against tax levied by government on Salt for Indians, was so successful after his consistent fighting that he was called to negotiate.

Similarly You should not give up trying till the time you are successful. Whatever strategies you have adopted to achieve your dreams, practice them consistently with new learning which come along the path of glory. Famous saying goes along this:

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”

This great soul was assassinated on Jan 30th 1948, my homage to him through my blog.

Over to you:

Have I missed anything about this great soul? You are most welcome to share those in comments.

Thank you for reading this.

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