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Expectation is the Mother of all Miseries


How many of us are let down in one way or other, either daily, weekly or monthly.  In my case this happens many time and I get disappointed whenever it happens but I have started living with it.

It was not the same a year back, when I left the job and started FreeLancing.

At the time of Leaving the job, I was  the Project Manager in a reputed Software company and was managing multiple projects. When I started Freelancing, I expected that I will be getting business very quickly using the different websites which provide Freelancing jobs, relying too much on my experience. When it did not happen I was really disappointed and started venting anger on my husband, who use to cool my nerves by saying that business takes time to settle and just don’t give up.

Expectation is the Mother of all Miseries


Since I was expecting too much, that made me really down and out, always angry and thinking of the job. Result was my faith was crippled and gradually my confidence was blown into pieces.

But by that time I had reading Leo and Adrienne, and use to console myself by saying that they have taken more than a year to build on to their reputation. That feeling started sinking in me by then, and I use to question myself whether I am expecting too much. The fact was, I was expecting too much and that too quickly.

That made me realize that I should give up unrealistic expectations, the things will  happen at their own pace but we should stay consistent in our process, should not think of giving up.

Unexpected happened in February when I got my first software project from a well renowned website and then unexpectedly I  completed 32 Projects in 6 months.

After that I remained on my path of not expecting too much. Few days back my daughter’s grades were not as per expectation but that time again I Was disappointed, but did not take that to my heart and brain, and advised her to keep trying and get better.

Now I don’t expect too much from customer services of the banks as well. I know the Bank tag line can be anything, but there are humans who are working there and they can at times go wrong. It’s better to have realistic expectation from them.

Now I Don’t expect that my children will really be helpful when I will get old, but that does not stop me in giving them the moral values. I don’t expect that I will lose 5 Kg of weight in 1 month, but that does not stop me in giving up morning walk. I never expected that I will be blogging till few months back but now I am addicted to it.

I don’t expect anything but I remain on my path of being ambitious. I was a born introvert and never expected that I will be networked with all you great bloggers around, but I have been able to do that.

I will surely like to know your views on this topic.

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