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8 Must Read Tips to Increase Readership


We all could google and find Traffic and SEO tips, but either many tips have not been regularly updated or they have surely become obsolete in present day context, I want to share some tips which are really relevant after Penguin and Panda updates.

1. Latest Browser and Device compatible themes:

Choosing theme is the First Step before launching your blog or website. As most of the us are using WordPress or other CMS and have plethora of themes to choose from, you need to make sure that themes are optimized for all the browsers and gadgets which every one of us are carrying today as well as for Performance, better the performance of the theme, better will be that for user, else he is bound to press the close button and move on. Normal download time is between 2-5 seconds.

The websites which are not on WordPress or on any other CMS should be tested for all the browsers and for most of the gadgets. You need to make sure that HTML and CSS is fully compliant to the browsers and gadgets. Use of HTML5 is recommended but compatibility issues with old browsers exist, so you need to be cautious on that front.

Readers can easily access the blog or website and use it for their purpose on any gadget and Search engine will index that for sure, which can increase your traffic.

2. Magnetic Title and Meta Description

Ensure Title is well crafted and compelling before publishing the content. It should be able to pull the reader to your blog. Title of your Post and Meta Description are the key for organic as well as inorganic traffic. Choose Keyword very carefully and use Google trends to find the relevant keywords.

3. Increase PageRank of your internal pages

As per pagerank algorithm, Your page rank is divided equally among the links on a page. More the number of links, less will be the rank of those internally linked pages.
Suppose Your PageRank is 4 and there are 4 links on that page. The rank of each internal link will be 1, so be careful in using links on pages, optimize the pages and it will result in getting good rank and traffic.

4. Epic Content

Content is the king and there in no doubt in that, but it has to be used in context. Stand alone Epic content is nothing but a waste of your resources – it should be served with Value Addition in your network. Try to first find your niche and then make effort to serve that.

5. Frequency of content

If Content is king then frequency of content being updated is queen. Search Engines are looking for fresh content and so try to publish your content at least twice a week, unless you are an established blogger who has already made it big. Using this strategy you will surely be able to keep the reader engaged on to your blog. This can in fact lead to readers commenting more often and can result in Loyal and Engaged Readership.

6. In Word Press, Place Your Posts in Single Category

This is in continuation of discussion with Adrienne on her post, where she categorically stated that, placing posts in single category can result in duplicate content and Google can punish for that.Place a post under most relevant category and keep yourself away from offending Google.

7. Submit your Link on Reddit.com

It’s amazing but I am getting my maximum traffic from Reddit. You can submit your link there and can take benefit from the same.

8. Use Social media websites

Use Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Scoopit to engage the audience and that engagement can surely spill over to your blog. It will surely drive reputation, which in turn will drive traffic. Most often these sites take a great toll on your time but it is worth the effort.

Thank you for putting your precious time in reading this post.

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