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5 Things I wont do to my Subordinates


For many of us who were in job at one time or other in their career, surely must have dealt with not so good bosses and wished that we won’t do the same to our subordinates. So these are my observations about my bosses at some of the renowned companies and felt like sharing these with you.

Things not to do to Subordinates

1.  I won’t Bully my subordinates whenever they try to raise their concern

One of my boss was a real bully who use to intimidate anyone who comes in his way, nobody dare to raise his voice and most of the team members were just overpowered by his statements.At that time I use to think that I will treat my subordinates as close aides or as friends and will give them full helping hand wherever they deserve.

2. I won’t lie about the Company status and project status by presenting them either with rosy picture or the downtrodden status.

Bosses have been given the eternal rights (at least they think so) of not giving the true picture of the project and Company, which I felt with almost all my bosses, few exceptions are always there.

I want to be as transparent as possible with my subordinates about the Company’s objectives, goals and financial status as well as the project status.

3.  I won’t be biased during the Appraisals

This many of us have felt during appraisals that we have been subjugated, wherein our colleague has got a larger hike which he or she does not deserve.

I want to keep this process very transparent and very much open to suggestions. At least Six months prior to the appraisal the objectives and expectations will be clearly marked to everyone so that they have time to prove themselves.

4. I won’t be hiding the Best performer in front of the Higher Management

I have felt that many bosses who are not highly skilled or are highly insecure about their jobs hide the talent from the key decision makers in the higher Management, they feel that, that can end their job.

I will try to promote the talent wherever it has to be.

5. I won’t suppress their Entrepreneurship spirit

At times I want more interested in creating a software product, but boss won’t give the time for the same and infact won’t listen to that as well. The Project proposal was overlooked. He was more interested in completing the mundane jobs.

I will try to promote their Entrepreneurship spirit, I will try to provide them more opportunities for innovation based on their skillset.

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